October 14, 2009

99 Fishing!

I finally got 99 Fishing yesterday after spending a whole 3 weeks fishing those beloved Rocktails. I have 35m worth of them that I plan on cooking, which will get me a hefty amount of exp. :)

I also got 65 Summoning from penguins, and 54 Runecrafting from Tears of Guthix yesterday. I plan on getting 68 Summoning on Penguins sometime soon and then start using penguins on Runecrafting. :)

I'm finally going to start questing, even though I despise it. Going to try doing Horror from the deep and Animal magnetism, get everything I need for Ranged, and then go pulverise some Yaks till 75 Range. :P

October 8, 2009

High level skill updates.

The last few updates have been wonderful, big kudos to Jagex. They've all had to do with high level content, which is what I think Runescape needed most. The past three updates have all been great, the last one being spectacular. New Herblore potions have been released recently, this will force many players that solely trained combat to do some skilling now and then. All those pkers that had absolutely no high non-combat skills level will now have to get a higher herblore level if they want the upper hand in a fight. This also took one small step towards inflation. Many players with very costly weapons/armour(Godswords, Dragon Claws, Bandos, etc) are now selling to have money to train herblore. It's becoming a money sink that people are interested in paying for, and when they all sell their items, prices go down. Since it's a money sink, gold dissapears from the game, hence making it more valuable. If gp is more valuable, items are less valuable, and prices go down. :)

Another update was the forum avatars. I think it's a very interesting start to updating the forums. They stated in a recent Q&A there was a big plan for the forums, but it won't come out too soon. This updates lets players show a bit more about their selves and how creative they can come to get. :P

I got 98 fishing a few minutes ago and I'm now one level away from this big goal. I have about 35m worth of Rocktails in my bank that I've gotten since they came out. I've been 1st on the daily exp gains on the Runescape tracker a few times and I've been around the 10-15 ranks in the weekly and monthly gains. :)

I also got very close to 65 Summoning after doing this week's penguins, I'm deciding whether to finally stop using lamps/penguins on Summoning and give it to Runecrafting, only skill under 60, currently at 53. Funny thing is it's the only skill that I haven't trained being a member. :P

October 2, 2009

Name changing

Hello guys, sorry about the lack of blog posts, school is stressing. Anyways, Jagex recently released the "Name changing" update, and I'd like to talk a bit about it. The idea itself is great, being able to change your name after having a horrible name for 6 years because your younger self wasn't as bright as you are now is harsh. The thing I didn't like so much is how it was carried out. Jagex should've expected the complete flood of people trying to access the page at once, it was utter chaos. You had to keep refreshing the page for 30 minutes to get to the page where you would get a new Display name. When you finally get there, and think everything will be great from then on, you get hit in the face with a "This name is unavailable" or "An error Ocurred".
I myself tried getting a new name, and believe me, I tried everything! In the end I had to settle with "Sir Daviddd" which I plan on changing to something else after 28 days have passed. It was really chaotic yesterday and there are many names that haven't been used for years, but still aren't available. Hopefully after some days they'll change that and open up every name, *time where I jump onto the page to get "David", "D", "King David", "Lord David", or "Sir David :P*.
There has also been a small glitch with this whole name changing update, you can now add you old username if you changed your name, and you can pm/ignore yourself :P. Here's a picture:

I'm very close to gettting 96 Fishing, about 100k left. I'll probably get it tonight or tomorrow morning. I've also been on the Runescape tracker tables for Top 42 in Fishing a few times the past month :P. I got 64 Summoning after doing my weekly penguins on Tuesday. 1759 total now, 1760 very soon :). I'd also like to thank Olav Holland for being amazing and a very easy and fun person to talk to the past week or so. :D

September 24, 2009

Cuttin' and Choppin' Update

Hello everyone, I'm really sorry for not posting new posts as regularly as when I first started. School started this week, and with school comes great responsibilty.....not really, just lots of work and time required :P. Anyways, a Woodcutting update came out recently. I haven't tested it just yet, haven't had time, but I've heard you get about 60-90k exp/hour cutting ivy off of the walls. You don't get anything in your inventory for chopping the Ivy, so you can stay there as long as you want. There is Ivy growing in many places, outside of the Castle War walls is one place you can go to. Another update is an update to the Lumbridge Sawmill area, no idea what it is though :P.

They also made an update to the Friend list/Clan chat structure. You can move a line across the box for it to show more of the full name or of the world. This is pointless for now in my opinion, it might become useful once the new display name update comes out.

I'm slowly working towards 99 Fishing, I have 93 and I'm planning to get 94 tomorrow night. I won't be playing what I played during the summer anymore for obvious reason, so 99 Fishing might take a month or so more :P. I've stopped doing stars/trees daily because I fish in World 2 and hopping to world 78 to do stars/trees is to tedious for me right now. Well, thank you for your time, until next time, hopefully soon :P.

September 18, 2009

New Update

Hey everyone, sorry for not being able to post the past day. The new update has kept me very busy and I'm going to talk about it here. A few new things came out, new fish, new mines, and new monsters. A Cater came out to fix typos while writing and an objective tab, where you can set objectives in Runescape.

The new fish are Cavefish and Rocktail. The cavefish heals 23 hp + a 10% Hitpoints level boost. The Cavefish heal 20 hp and they give an extra boost in a random combat skill by adding +2. Fishing Rocktail gives 380 Fishing exp and I've done Exp rate tests to see how much Exp they can give per hour. My Average for Rocktail has been 44.4k Exp/hour. Fishing Cavefish gives 300 exp and my Exp rate tests have resulted in about 33.8k Exp/hour. Both these fish are bound to rise alot, especially Rocktail. You need 90 Fishing to fish Rock tail and 85 Fishing to fish Cavefish. I expect Rocktail to rise to about 5k on the ge and then crash down to 2.5-4k. I expect Cavefish to rise to 2-3k and crash to 1.5k.

I don't have much information on the new mining locations because I don't quite have 80 Mining just yet :P. I've heard they give right about 50k Exp/hour and are very profitable. These are supposively the new way to effectively get 99 Mining.

The monsters drop an assorment of noted Gems and Ores. They also drop a few runes and when they die you can mine them to get Living Minerals. These are used as bait when Fishing Rocktails. There have been Rumours that the level 140s drop Dragon Pickaxes but I have yet to see confirmation. There are also Level 200 Patriarchs that are randomly summoned to the cave after triggering a set amount of time in the cave or amount of monsters killed. There has been no confirmation on what triggers these but people that fought them do say they thing that they all dorp the same thing all the time.

The objective tab is nice but only having one objective at a item is quite bad in my opinion and when I'm trading various skills at a time it isn't practical. I'd also love to see objectives past 99, 20m Exp, 100m Exp, or maybe even 200m Exp for the daring ones :O. The caret is nice but it can certainly confuse alot. It blinks constantly and sometimes makes you think its something else. I suppose we're just going to have to get used to it.

I also got past 14m Woodcutting exp earlier today and I got 92 fishing last night :). I'm currently fishing Rocktail's until my bait runs out, and then if I don't buy any bait through the G.E I'll probably go back to Monkfish until the prices die down. I got 63 Summoning from penguins as well :). Yesterday a friend called me over to the Blue Moon Inn where an event was taking place. This was the first time I had ever seen a Jagex Mod in all my time playing Runescape, actually, there were 5 Player Support Jagex mods there, not just one :P. They were Mod Williams, Mod Bert, Mod Leebo, Mod Rollins, and Mod Rory. They were there to anwser everyones questions and I'm glad seeing Jagex take this type of inniative ingame.

September 16, 2009

Runescape History: Part 2

Hey guys, I'll continue yesterday's post now. My second accout was named, quite obviously, David7raul. When I started this account I was still a noob. Didn't get much farther then I did on my first account. Got to around 60-70 Combat and 300k or so gp. I then quit the game again in around april 2007. I only played for the holiday events from then on. I would also go on the forums every week or two. I started playing again during winter break 2008. I started playing seriously, a somewhat more advanced mind then my "noob " stage. I got a few prayer and combat levels and got up to the 800's or so in total level. Then I completed more goals like 70 mining, 70 fishing, 70 attack, 70 strength, etc. This got me to the 900's. I then embarked on an epic quest, without much efficiency. I went for 99 Woodcutting and Firemaking on F2p. I cut yews and burned maples. This was through most of Q1 2009.

I joined a great clan chat in Febuary 2009. I owe everything I am today to that clan. I had about 10 or so friends before I joined, and that number multiplied by around 10. The clan's owner was "Cliffan", he is a great person and he helps people with right about everything and anything. I owe alot to him, thank you Cliffy. I met some other unforgettable friends there my first few months, Vossler ff12, Rulea, Ik ben puur4, O B I X O, and many many more. During this time I got to 94 Woodcutting and 93 Firemaking on F2p. I became member for the first time in late may, and I postponed my 99 Woodcutting/Firemaking goal. I already transformed into a really informed player and I knew right about everything in the game before becoming a member, more then people that were already members. With all this knowledge applied, I gained 588 Total levels my first month of member. From 1032 to 1620. It was the biggest feat I had ever accomplished. During this time a friend "Alder dryad" started playing alot and we became alot closer, and "Cliffan's" clan chat was much more populated because of the summer vacations, hence alot more enjoyable. These were my best Runescape times to date.

After this first month, with somewhat respectable skills, I renewed my goal for 99 Firemaking/Woodcutting. I got it cutting and burning Teak trees with my recently aquired Inferno Adze. I finally got 99 Woodcutting and Firemaking on the same day. After I completed this goal I did a few others, got my total level a bit higher. Then I went for 99 Fletching and I got it in a few weeks. I met alot of great people in World 148 Castle wars while Fletching. I had loads of fun supporting everyone Runecrafting there, especially Rulea :). Started on 99 Cooking and took a two week vacation in between. I got 99 Cooking sometime in august 2009. Those were 4 99's I had gotten through the summer. I have the exact dates of my 99's on my Youtube channel's description if you want to check that out.

After 99 Cooking I tried going for 99 Hunter and getting some money along the way. I went from level 60 to level 83 in 4 days. No lifing. I quit at 83 because I thought it was a decent enough level, and because I was frustrated that I wasn't getting good exp rates/hour for some reason. After quitting this I started on 99 Fishing in late August. I'm working on that goal right now. I'm planning on using all the money I get from 99 Fishing to get higher levels in all skills you need money to train efficiently. 60-77 Crafting, 76-82 Magic, 60-70+ Smithing, 60-70 Prayer, 60-84 Construction, 65-75 Herblore, and 65-75 Farming. I've joined another clan chat during late August. I really like it and all it's members, and it helps alot. Thanks to them I've started to do quite alot of Shooting Stars everyday, and Evil tree's aswell. They all seem to be great people and I hope i'll stay with them for quite some time. I'd also like to thank "Olav Holland", she's my partner in crime while doing Evil trees and a great person ingame and out :).That's all of my Runescape history until now, I'll talk about more once I get alot more done :).

Today started off good as well, I did an Evil Magic tree early in the morning and didn't play much more after. In the afternoon I continued fishing and got 91 Fishing :). Then I went to my first star of the day and got the tag at Brimhaven Dungeon. I got three tags in a row that day, that one being the first. After that first tag I got 74 Mining :), and today concludes a week long "1 or more star tag(s) a day" streak :). I then did my penguins on World 60 and got 628 exp away from 63 Summoning, still waiting for a lamp so I can level :P. I continued fishing the rest of the day and did another Evil magic tree. After doing a star at Nardah, me and my friend teleported through fairy rings to go to Piscatoris. In the process we teleported two Jackals as well, but they dissapeard before I could take a Screenshot :(.

Here's a screenshot of 91 Fishing:

September 15, 2009

My Runescape History: Part 1

Hey guys, I'm going to take about the how and when I first started playing Runescape, and how I evolved from what I was then to what I am now. It all started thanks to a friend that showed me runescape. I didn't pay much attention at first, but then saw the game later on at Miniclip and decided to give it a try. It was really exciting at first, I would kill chickens for my first few combat levels, and cows as well. I then moved on to what I thought was an amazing money maker, killing goblins in that house by the Lumbridge river. I would pick up all the water and earth runes they dropped and the daggers that spawned there too :P. When I trained on Cows/Chickens I would pick up bones and bury them. I got to 20 or so Attack/Defence/Strength/and Prayer and I thought I was king of the world. I remember a passerby giving me 500 gp, it was the best moment of my RS life till that point.

After a few more levels I decided to train on Al Kharid warriors, they would auto-attack and I thought them to be a better challenge than goblins or cows. After some time I was already in full Mithril, with a few Addy pieces. I remember starting a few weeks or months before the 2005 Easter event, where I got my first Holiday item, the Easter ring. I remember the way I bought my first Rune set, I mined coal for weeks at the Dwarven Mine. I would get lost so many times doing quests, I managed to finish all f2p quests though.

The way I made money after mining coal was going to the Karamja dock and picking up any fish people dropped, and then sell them to the general store. I made about 5k/hour and thought it was the fastest way of making money in the game. I would train on lessers with the lobsters I would fish and cook at the Karamja port, I got to level 50 combat on that account. Yes, I was a noob. I stopped playing this account in 2006, I don't remember exactly when though. I quit the game till 2007, and then started a new account. What dangers awaited me there.....? This will continue in tomorrow's post :P.

This morning started off excellently. 20 minutes after I logged on I was face to face with an Elder tree, I cut it with a few friends and got my 30 minutes. An hour ot two later another Evil tree sprouted on the lands of Runescape, a Magic tree. Got my 26 minutes and chopped away, I reached 13.850.000 Woodcutting exp. As I was wasting the minutes from the Evil Magic tree, a friend told me a star was about to land in Asgarnia. I had about 15 Magical banking minutes left and I hurriedly teleported to go cover Rimmington mine. I had just gotten there and BOOM! a star lands smack in the middle. I quickly tag it for 5.8k exp and continue my woodcutting on the willows near Rimmington, Perfection! Didn't do much stars yesterday, but I got very close to 74 Mining, 4,447 exp away from it. I'm close to 91 Fishing too, i'll have a screenshot ready for tonight's blog.

Something really funny that happened today, a friend told me there were 5 penguins trapped in the Yanille wall in world 145. I then told all my friends and they probably told all theirs. The place ended up quite full and I got all 5 penguins. Here's a screenshot:

I am sorry for not posting this blog yesterday. My computer broke down and I didn't feel like turning it on again and finishing the blog at 2 am. This is yesterday night's post and I'll have today's post ready for this night. Sorry for breaking the daily schedule. :)

September 14, 2009

Runescape Economy: 76king.

Hey guys, today I'm going to talk about the "Demise" of Runescape's economy. I personally, think that all item's prices didn't rise only because it was summer and alot of people were playing, I actually think it was because of inflation, caused by the infamous "76king" trick. This is how I think of it...People only do the 76k trick because they make money right, so they obviously make more money per loss of 76k. What this means is that they have a way higher chance of making a profit then losing money. The profit they makes comes in the form of statuettes, these items aren't worth anything but GP, you trade them for cash. If the items you would get were Dragon Full helms or Dragon Fire shields then the supply of those items would rise, making they're price not rise as much as it would, or even drop, but no, these are statuettes which are worth nothing more then GP. What this means is that the more statuettes are dropped, the more money comes into the game. If it were any other item, it wouldn't affect the economy as much because it's making the supply of that item go down. Instead, people doing this "76k" trick end up with alot of money they'd like to spend. Then, all of them go to the GE and they go"Shopping", they buy like crazy and most items prices go up. Nothing is affecting the stock but the demand sores higher and higher because people have more money to spend. This is called inflation, all items rise higher and higher because of the overflow of GP. GP is worth very little when inflation occurs and all items go up. In conclusion, in my opinion all these "76kers" are ruining the economy, little by little, but surely. It's a degrading and disrespectful way of earning money, there is no risk involved, and your using a loophole in the system to make your money, utterly disgusting. Jagex better fix this soon and it'll probably fix Runescape's economy as well.

Onto what I did today, I did quite a few stars and a Yew Evil tree and an Elder evil tree. Didn't get much off the Yew since I lagged out and only got 9 magical banking minutes. The complete opposite happened at the Elder Evil tree. Got my 30 magical banking minutes and got to 13.75m Woodcutting exp off of it. The stars were nice as well, got around 50-60k Mining exp off of them.

Here are some pictures of 2 of the Stars I did today:

Here are the rewards you get from the star when you have 200 Stardust and a picture of the star once you mine it completely.

These are two pictures of the Elder Evil tree I did today:

September 13, 2009

Skilling > Combat

Today I'm going to talk about an extremely neglected part of Runescape by the majority of players. Most players Runescape related goals and dreams are very similar, obtaining a godsword, getting the best armour set, being able to "own" any other player in a fight, or even getting max combat to feel oh so powerful. It is really sad that a very slim percentage of Runescape players have dreams in any way related to "Skilling". In my opinion, Runescape shouldn't be about being able to own someone in a fight, because what is that worth when your total is that of a level 70's? I've seen far too many people in the 110-130 Combat levels and with a 1,200-1,500 Total level, I mean, is that even possible? These people have Cooking, Firemaking, or Woodcutting in the 60's, skills that are so easy to level and enjoyable too. I would love to see a Runescape were players balance out their skills and don't always concentrate on combat, killing things, "pwning", or thinking that they're the strongest and most powerful person on the planet. Skilling is so much fun and you can reap so many rewards, there's no reason to have 99 Attack, Defence, Strength, or Range when you have your Firemaking level in the 50's. Why do people always have a tendency to spend, spend, and spend all their money buying a weapon to impress others around them. Why not invert that money getting all those costly skills up a few levels, levels that will forever stay binded onto your character, unlike those weapons that you can lose, or lose money from their price drops. In conclusion, I'd really like to see a day where having a 1,800-2,000 Total level at around 100 Combat isn't extraordinary, but it is average. A day where your experience on Runescape isn't judged by your Combat level, or who you can or can't "own", but instead on your total level which is how I believe it should be in the first place. That concludes what I think about the whole Skilling/Combat relationship right now on Runescape, and you have full permission to think whatever you want on this topic, no need to listen to my troll on about this :P.

Also a great addition would be if Jagex could try to add the Total level of a person when you right click them. The same that happens with Combat level, but Total level instead :).

Furthermore, today on Runescape I did my Daily Stars and Evil Tree's. Passed 13.7m Woodcutting Exp thanks to an elder and got yet another Star tag today. I've gotten a Star tag for the past 5 days in a row, adds up to a nice chunk of exp :). Finally, I got Level 90 Fishing at Piscatoris, here's a screenshot of it:

September 12, 2009

D&D Fun

Hello everyone, today I want to talk about something I've been doing regularly nowadays. I've been doing D&D constantly all throughout the day. For anyone who doesn't know, D&D are Distractions and Diversions, fun little activites you can do daily or weekly to reap some fantastic rewards. The first of these D&D's are Penguins. You have to spy on penguins on different locations around the world to get Penguin points. You trade these in for exp to Larry at the Ardougne Zoo, 1 point equals( Your level in that skill x 25), and you can get a max of 15 points per week. These are really great to train skills that are either really time consuming, money sinks, or you just plain down don't like them. A great world to hunt these if you are having difficulties is World 60, and you can join the Clan Chat "world60pengs".

The second D&D I want to talk about are Shooting Stars. They can land on several different spots around several different Runescape regions. If you have a telescope at your house, it will tell you approximately when the star in your world will land and in what region. You can get alot of Mining exp from thsese and great rewards as well. You have to mine all levels of the star till you get to the middle where there will be a little alien. Once you mine you get Stardust, which you can trade for rewards once you reach the alien. The max amount of Stardust you can have at any given time is 200, which rewards you with 50,000 gp, 43 Astrals, 152 Cosmics, and 20 noted Gold ore.

The third D&D I'm going to talk about are Evil Tree's. These reward you in Woodcutting, Firemaking, and farming. To get to an evil tree you can talk to all the Spirit Tree's scattered around Runescape. They will tell you about how much time is left, and give you a hint when there are under 5 minutes left. When the evil tree sprouts the Spirit Tree will teleport you straight to it. After finishing it it'll give you magical banking minutes, any logs you cut in that time period go directly to your bank. This is a great way of getting Woodcutting Exp on any tree.

That's all I have to say about D&D's, I do hope you all try them out as they are truly amazing ways of getting Exp/Rewards every day or week.

The start of my Blog!

Hello everyone, as you may have already noticed, I'm David7raul. You can call me David as well. I'm starting this blog to have a place where I can save all my memories as a Runescape player and to be able to look back at everything I've done. This will also be a place where you'll get an update on what I'm doing and how I'm progressing on Runescape.

I'm going to try and make this as easy and fun as possible, and I'll try to update this as frequently as possible, though I might not have time some day or another due to being busy or what not. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I know I will :).